December 13, 2012        
  Boulonge, Florida. The Nassau Chapter of the Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) came to Dayspring Village for an annual noon time Christmas celebration and shoe party. The local NAMI advocates came with pizza, homemade baked goods and soft drinks for the residents. The advocates include several family members of Dayspring Village residents ( Jack and Louise Uber and Patty Hunt). The annual event also include long time Nassau Mental Health Advocate Hattie Morris from Fernandina Beach. Local advocates served pizza and baked goods to residents and followed it up with a distribution of gift bags and fellowship.

“I love these people and believe in each of them as individuals” stated Ms. Morris. “The need for stable housing is critical to the success of those that struggle with serious mental illness” said Patty Hunt.

“The annual NAMI shoe party fills a critical need for many of the residents at DSV. For many who struggle with mental illness the inability to tie your shoe laces or even have shoe laces robs you of your self respect and dignity. The shoes that these advocates bring each year are special ordered. These shoes have Velcro straps and allow residents to easily slip them on and take them off as needed without great difficulty. For years whenever a nurse at the ER at a local hospitals would see someone with these shoes they would be able to guess that they have been a resident at DSV at some point in the past.” Said Douglas Adkins.

“The residents at Dayspring Village really enjoy this annual function, in addition to the pizza, baked goods and the shoes the local NAMI chapter gives them each $1 cash to spend or just hold in their pocket, having some spending money is another real treat for many and we are blessed that so many of these local advocates continue this important tradition each year during Christmas, it has made a big difference.” Said Adkins.

Dayspring Village, Inc. is a licensed limited mental health assisted living facility designed to meet the needs of adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders. It is estimated that in Florida there were 22,000 adults who were treated with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders, over 60,000 people with a bi polar condition were treated by the Florida Mental health System.

Schizophrenia can be one of four types (residual, paranoid, undifferentiated or catatonic), the most common type is paranoid type and the symptoms can include hearing voices, increased problems sleeping at night, fragmented thinking, agitation, increased dependency on nicotine and caffeine products and general disorganization of thought and mood. This condition is caused by an elevated level of a brain chemical known as dopamine in the brain and with the use of medications, the symptoms can be controlled and managed so that the individual can function and lead a life absent the need for institutional care.

If you or a family member or know a friend that is experiencing symptoms and would like more information, do not hesitate to call upon DSV Executive Director Douglas D. Adkins at 904-845-7501 or
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