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Dayspring Village, Inc. is a family-owned and operated facility that offers a unique setting designed to meet the needs of adults with schizophrenia and those with schizo affective disorders.

Dayspring Village facility is located in a solid block and brick former motel type structure that offers 48 licensed residential units that are air conditioned and semi private.

The facility is located on 15 acres of property. The facility has a covered smoking area (at left) that is adjacent to the resident living areas. The property is secured with two gates at the north and south entrance.

Dayspring Village added a new five acre parcel to the campus in 2009. This new property has been cleared and fenced to secure the site along with the installation of lighting to create a new park area for resident use and recreational area.

The new DSV Park area is completely fenced and is secured from the outside. This area has been landscaped and will feature a new resident sitting areas that will allow the residents greater use of this new addition to the DSV campus.  The new DSV Park offers residents a chance to enjoy the rural setting and exercise.

The residential living facility is divided between men and women's area, each unit has an outdoor bench for sitting.

Each resident living area features beds, pillows, sheets, towels and a dresser drawer. Each unit also has individual air conditioning unit and a smoke alarm. Each resident bathroom features a tiled shower and vanity area.

The resident dayroom area is a congregation area for the residents and offers large comfortable chairs along with a large meeting space for weekly community meetings between the staff and residents. The residents enjoy the use of the area and have a place to sit, visit with friends and enjoy the Sunday ice cream social.

The administrative offices along with the dayroom and the dining hall and the on site medical space is located in a separate building.

Dayspring Village supports a Christian Life Ministry four nights each week. Brother Chuck Cooper offers Bible study two nights and Brother Steven Drake offers a music ministry two nights. This important ministry creates a foundation for recovery through the promotion of good judgment, development of valued based decision making and building stronger relationships through music.

Each election cycle residents get to meet and hear from the candidates who are seeking their vote and running for local and state offices. The facility works with the Nassau Elections Supervisor to offer on site access to the ballot box. At left a candidate speaks to DSV voters.

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On Call Administrator
Executive Director Douglas D. Adkins is an on call administrator and has served adults with serious mental illness since 1987. Mr. Adkins is a recognized leader and advocate for his residents and is available for family conferences and frequent face to face contacts with residents and their families.

We look forward to working with you and your family to help find the right solution that will fit your needs. here at Dayspring Village, we always stand ready to serve and help solve problems. Call us today to schedule your tour at Dayspring Village is committed to providing adults with schizophrenia and those with schizo affective disorders with an effective residential system that is paired with a targeted array of community based services that are aimed at reducing symptoms and improving quality of life.